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Be A Member of the Wisconsin Council of Self-Insurers

Traditionally, the Wisconsin worker’s compensation system has been a model for other states in fostering and promoting commercial and industrial growth and development. Today's Wisconsin employers and insurers, however, face numerous, immediate challenges in assuring themselves that the worker’s compensation system is fairly administered, that disputed claims are promptly and impartially adjudicated, and that the cost of providing compensation is given due consideration by the legislature. The Wisconsin Council of Self-Insurers, Inc. (WCSI) is intended to serve as a voice for employers in the evolution of the structure and function of the Wisconsin worker’s compensation system.

The WCSI is organized and operated as a non-profit business league within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. It will:

(1) advocate for the worker’s compensation interests of self-insured employers in the legislative and regulatory rule-making processes;

(2) provide a clearinghouse for information as to pending worker’s compensation legislation, changes in statutes and regulation, and significant court and agency decisions affecting the interests of self-insured employers;

(3) provide representation for self-insured employers at hearings and conferences pertaining to the operation, administration, and substance of Wisconsin worker’s compensation law; and

(4) provide educational programs designed to assist self-insured employers in improving their loss experience within the Wisconsin worker’s compensation system.

Voting membership is open to public and private sector, self-insured employers, and those insured employers with retained, self-insured liability of at least $250,000 per worker’s compensation claim. Annual dues for such voting memberships are $250.00 per calendar year. Non-voting memberships are available for vendors, including third-party claims administrators, with annual dues set at $500.00 per calendar year. 

For further information about becoming a member, please contact us at Mike Steinborn at Thank you!

STEP 1: Complete the Registration Form

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Email Address (Primary Contact)*


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To join the WCSI as either a new employer member or a new vendor member, please complete the registration form, and then use the pertinent PayPal button below to pay your annual dues.

*Existing members can renew their membership simply by paying the annual dues (STEP 2).

STEP 2: Pay Your Annual Dues

Self-Insured Employers (Voting) Membership.........$250.00

Vendor (Non-Voting) Membership..............................$500.00

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